Monday, 7 March 2011

Theme Thursday Men and / or Boys

Well this was a tricky one ! I loved the theme , I had the stamps, I have two sons, what could be easier !
Nope, once  again the ones that seem the simplest usually end up being the tricky little devils and this was no exception.

The theme over at is Men and / or boys .
After much too-ing and fro-ing  ( is that how you spell it ? ) and sleepless nights I decided to keep it simple.
Hope you like it.



  1. There is something very sweet and charming about this simple works a treat XOXO Zoe

  2. Love it!!! great silhouette image of father and son!!

  3. Yep! Marie, I do like this one. I do like how you have managed to interpret this (Oh, yes, tricky) theme. I didn't dare to enter this challenge.
    Love, kissinia

  4. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for yor comments on my blog! And yes, the women that I made on the card with the grass stam of Hero Arts is een stamp. She is from the sheet of Oxford Impression "My Story". All wonderfull sheets!! I bought the sheet by Art Journey in the Netherlands. I hope I could help you a little bit! You're blog is very inspiration to! Have a nice day.

    Greetings, Hillie

  5. It is a stunning black and white card.

  6. I am always partial to silhouettes. this is lovely.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. xxoo

  7. I love the silhouttes, Marie! Very effective!

  8. I'm feeling the love here... I could just imagine the daddy picking up his son and giving him a hug.