Monday, 28 February 2011

Kard Krazy " Postcards "

Firstly please ignore the background ! This time of night ( 12.30 ) I just can't find a good spot to take a photo, mind you cant find one in the daytime either, so it's leaning up against a picture frame which of course is visible. I spend ages making the thing only to ruin it with my non existent camera skills, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ! This is taken with my iphone ,for some reason my scanner works intermittently , it has the final say in what I  post, and my camera takes a worse picture than my phone !

Excuses, excuses I here you say but it's true I am technically challenged , I have all the gadgets but I don't know how to use them ! So for those doubting Thomas-es you are quite welcome to visit me here in Greece to see my stuff up close and personal. This tag is for tag Tuesday and the theme is postcards.

I used once again Crafty Individual postcard stamp ( I do love them does it show ? ) with an image from their mini book people and places , then stamped randomly with more of their postmark stamps and used Ranger brushed corduroy distress ink together with Stampin Up soft suede and tempting turquoise. The paper flower is also stamped with CI script and distressed  ( a bit like myself at this time of night !)


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Stampers Challenge Parisean Walkways

When I think of Paris I always think of romance first and foremost (and then food ) So I really liked the theme over at Sunday Stampers Challenge.
I used a script stamp from Crafty Individuals which I inked all around using Stampin  Up crumb cake and pretty in pink, I added a couple of images from Crafty Individuals Mini Book People and Places which I matted onto pink paper.

Hope you like it


Sunday Postcard Art " Double Take" Double Take "

I thought this challenge would be easy as I had a lot of stamps that had the word two on them, all of which are Crafty Individuals my favourite stamps, but oh no it seems like having too much choice is not always a good thing.

The challenge this is double take so here is my version.

I used Crafty individual paper from their lovely glossy mini books and used the same image in stamp form. I stamped it with versamark and then embossed with Ranger distress powder in Aged Mahogany and used my blending tool with various colours once again from Ranger distress range.  Oh and nearly forgot the key, Used my Silhouette to cut it out then stamped all over with what was left on the old blending tool.

Hope you like it.


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Carnival Time !

For those of you that have read my profile you will know that I own a jewellery shop in Thessaloniki Greece. For those of you that haven't read it well now you know ! It's a busy time for us as we have a lot of exhibitions to attend ( or my husband does at least ) I stay at home and man the ship and the shop and the dogs and well you ladies know what I mean.

This week didn't have much time for crafting due to the manning of the ship etc but tried to get around to all my favourite blogs and take part in a challenge or two . The nice part about this card making and crafting to do is that I have been able to incorporate it into my window displays and am getting a great response from my customers and some weird requests to boot , it certainly adds a new dimension to it.

It's carnival time here in Greece and as usual the weather has turned from lovely spring weather back to autumnal misery you can set your watch by it ! it's the same every year !. As soon as carnival starts so does the cold. My youngest son went out yesterday wearing a cardboard box ( well actually two ) one for the head and one for the body and a pair of ten denier tights , mine not his and a pair of trainers, oh what a vision. It was freezing ! but then at sixteen you just don't feel the cold do you ?

All of this is my big "segway" as they say in radio land or at least they used to when I was a kid into why I'm posting an autumnal tag when you lot seem to be besotted with spring, butterflies and fairies !

For anyone who cares its my trusty CI script stamp ( yet again ) with Ranger distress inks and the leaf is SU, embossed with Ranger embossing powder.

Hope to get some crafting done tomorrow , until then Ta Ta xx

Just for fun challenge Angel Wings

I really like the Just for fun challenges they always seem to have such interesting themes this weeks is Angel Wings. Well I'm not sure if this qualifies but for me this is how I imagine angels a bit elfy like as opposed to the heavenly variety ( and besides this stamp is near enough )

I used a children's stamp set for the image, the wings where made on my silhouette and then passed through my texture boutique and I used SU black ink wanted to keep it really simple.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Theme Thursday Flourishes

It just so happens that the last few days I have been playing around with flourishes and low and behold I came across a fantastic site who has a challenge this week  with  theme well....flourishes 

As usual not a very good photograph ( just can't get the staff these days ) I have used a Crafty Individual script stamp underneath and  Ranger distress inks around the edges .The flourishes are SU two tone colours which of course you can't see and simply pearls shimmer mist in gold on top. I finished the bottom with  piece of acetate cut in a flourish shape and if you squint your eyes and cross them you can just about see that, I passed it through my texture boutique and it is embossed with more flourishes ......honest .

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crazy Amigo Challenge High Tea

Have decided to have another go at a challenge The theme this week is"  High Tea " . Like this site they seem to have very interesting topics and all of their contributors are wonderful artists. Mine is quite simple, I used my silhouette to cut my shapes, cake stand SU and T from childrens stamp set used Su black and pink inks .

Works in Progress

Today has been a funny old day . Have been sitting in what is jokingly referred to as my crafting room for hours now and have had a very inspirational day  ! ( Not like me ) Have about ten different things on the go all of which are unfinished of course,  so I wont be sharing any of them with you at the moment. Shame I hear you say but all will be revealed in due course or not as the case maybe.

So  for all of my many fans  out there ( British humour ) thought I would upload some of my past creations just to whet your appetites cos I know you have nothing better to do at this time of night ......

Monday, 21 February 2011

Happy Days !

It seems that a few people are a little concerned about my negative bloggings ! Don't be am at my happiest when I'm having a  right old moan, in fact if I seem to be too cheerful it"s best to give me a wide berth . I think it all stems back to my childhood ..........yes doctor . Liverpool the sixties working class background rife unemployment if you didn't laugh at yourself then you didn't laugh at all . So while I mean everything I say it's just the good old Scouse ( that's Liverpool for anyone outside the UK ) humour
coming to the fore trying not to take myself to seriously.

It's great meeting you all and sharing in part of your daily lives,  being invited in into a corner of your world thank you all so much.

A couple of quick cards the first is using vintage moth paper which I have matted onto pearlescent paper which I have passed through my texture boutique and distressed the edges with Ranger broken china ink.

The second with the sentiment ( which describes me perfectly) lol is all SU Baroque Motif wheel and rich razzlebury and old olive ink. Made a couple of buttons with my Ephfany button studio and bobs your uncle !

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Challenged by Challenges

Yes  it's me again Dolly Daydreams but not for much longer am thinking of changing my name to The Winger (  but I bet it's taken.) After reading my post's of late that's all I seem to do , if I'm not moaning about my lack of talent or stash , something somewhere is hurting me !

So to close my first full weeks blogging thought I would end on on one last moan.
I am a newcomer as you might have gathered and this past week thought I would take part in a few challenges, BIG MISTAKE ! have entered three loved the subjects and the sites but I can't do it .  ok ok you say its a challenge it's supposed to be challenging . My brain hurts my fingers are numb I wont even mention my severe case of B.B . It seems that the word challenge has given me a case of bloggers droop , the creative juices( more like drops in my case ) have dried up and gone on holiday and taken my inspiration with them ! Its taken me all day to create this next morsel and I'm not very happy with it at all, but blimey have spent so many hours on it I'm posting all the same ! So there !

I know most of you will probably laugh at it but I really don't care , someone out there might just identify with it on some crazy level . So for that one person whoever you are this is for you enjoy !

So to you all at The Sunday Postcard Art Challenge please accept my apology in advance
The theme for the challenge was faces ( at least I got that right )

I used Vintage Moth paper and coloured with Lyra aqua markers then ran over it literally with a baby wipe ( cos I made a mistake but I liked the effect ) then stuck on the phrase. Really must learn photoshop !

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bloggers Bum continued

It seems there are certain health hazards to becoming a blogger none of which where mentioned on any crafting site I read. Do you all have comfortable chairs ? or is it that you can whip up a creation in a matter of moments ? Maybe it's my lack of experience, I start of with one idea look at a few blogs( like fifty or so ) and before I know it bloggers bum has struck again and I have nothing to show for it.
I definatley need a new chair or a cushion at least or I should stop looking at everyone else's blog and get on with my own ! Now there's a thought........

Here's something I whipped up quickly due to the aforementioned pain in the nether regions.

CI Stamp ,SU basic Grey ink, Texture Boutique and sillhouette for the key, stamped with Horse purple ink a bit of matting oh and cor ordinations grey paper.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Bloggers Bum !

If any one has read my blog from the begining ( and I very much doubt it ) then  they will have read that I fall in and out of love quite easily, my current crush is of course card making or so I thought. It seems though that I'm actually spending more time blogging (well not actually blogging) but trying to learn how to. If I'm not doing that then I'm looking at other peoples or commenting or having raving tissy fits cos I'm jealous !

The upshot of it is that instead of being inspired by everything I see, you wonderful people out there are depressing me. ! Your all so talented ! Before it was just me and I thought ok I can do this but know I've met you so to speak I realise I'm not as good as I thought I was.

And what is worst of all I've got bloggers bum ! not only is it getting bigger but it also hurts from too much sitting !

Am uploading a few of my previous works just to show you that instead of just moaning I have actually made a few cards in the past .

Goodnight to all

Marie X

Is it spring yet ?

Well is it ? not here in Greece it isn't. Yesterday I entered a challenge with the theme oh for the wings of a bug and it got me in the mood for butterflies  and thoughts of spring hence the next card which is full of those lovely fluttery creatures.

I used CI backing paper and cut some lovely butterflies with my Silhouette and then passed them through my texture boutique  then coloured with Ranger Distress inks, a little sentiment from SU and there you have it my version of spring.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

It must be a mistake an oversight a something, but I checked and double checked . It was my name alright but  an oversight surely .

Well it seems that Elizabeth has had a mad moment and nominated me for the stylish bloggers award , I reckon that new bright lamp that she has been using lately has done something to her eyesight ! Until she regains all her senses and takes it back I would like to thank her for all her comments and support she has given when she is obviously so busy, she always has the time to comment on my little offerings,

So thank you so so much

Just a few little tidbits about me.

I am British but have been living in Greece for the past 22yrs, I am a jewellery designer and shop owner, I used to love the outdoor life until I discovered crafting now am enjoying the indoor  life !

I was born in Liverpool and moved to London in 1977 , met my hubby in Greece on holiday ( he's Greek ) in 1984 and as they say the rest is history it's been one hell of a holiday romance , came to Greece in 89 and have been here ever since. Two kids , two dogs and a perfect hubby

Marie x

Just for fun challenge

Yes another challenge but not really a challenge at all . While I was out blog hopping yesterday I came across a lovely site which has weekly challenges  the whole purpose of this particular site is to participate in their challenges just for the fun of it, no prizes no gimmicks just good honest to goodness fun !

I like the idea of this as I am a novice only been crafting for three months and its a huge learning curve for me. I am constantly amazed at all of the techniques there are , what with bubble wrap, salt and shaving foam ! I can't keep up.

So am entering this challenge with the the name of oh for the wings of a bug

I used Crafty Individuals backing paper ( again ) Three layers of embossing  with SU white embossing powder using little flower jumbo wheel stamp, my butterfly was cut with my Silhouette stamped with CI script stamp and I applied Ranger distress ink to the edges Just for the fun of it.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another Challenge

Have done it again ! Two challenges in one day ! and three blog entries , is blogging going to be my new love ? Whilst I was cruising the web came  I came across  a lovely site with lots of lovely tagging going on. challenge was spring pay it forward and it had to be a tag with a spring theme so here's mine.

I used .......yes you've guessed it CI stamps again.........and Ranger distress embossing powder on the bird
and encore metalic gold for the script stamp .

Hope you like it

Marie x

Crazy Amigos Scraplings challenge

Well I've gone and done it I have actually taken part in a challenge , or I think I have .
This blogging lark is very new to me and am learning something new every day, not sure if I have posted my entry or its just sitting out there in crafting limbo land floating about waiting to find a home. Anyway the challenge was to make a scrapling  ( new one on me) well and to  any one like me who didn't know what a scrapling is, it is a card that has to be 8.5 x 1.5 inches folded so that's a super long skinny card/quite like the idea of it really.

I used ( and I said I was going to give them a break ) Crafty Individual stamp well it is a challenge and they are my favourite, Ranger broken china and brushed corduroy distress inks and SU old olive ink. Plus a little backing papaer from CI who's colour I inverted and embossed with white embossing powder using the SU tiny flowers wheel.

Hope you enjoy.

Swirly Whirly.

You have been warned ! As I mentioned yesterday I got a care package from a kind friend back home, and as promised  (if there is anyone following this blog ) my next few attempts will be with my new stamps and inks.

Got all carried away with with the Baroque Motif stamp as you can see.

I used rich razzlelberry ( just love that name ) and wild wasabi
inks from SU along with their Baroque Motif stamps. hope you like it

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Care Package

A really good friend of my from England knowing my stash situation , or should I say the lack of it sent me a care package yesterday. It was mainly full of Stampin Up goodies and my most invaluable glue dots.

I will be giving my beloved  crafty Individuals stamps a rest for a little while and boring you with my new ones , although this card does use CI backing paper see just love them so much.

I used Crafty Individuals Backing paper which I copied onto photopaper and inverted the colours to give me a glorious green blue colour ( can't really tell by the photo) then I embossed with white embossing powder From SU added blue and green ribbon and the SU sentiment .

Hope you like it.

Marie x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines For Hubby !

I feel really guilty (again) have been sitting in my craft room ah hem...... if you can call it that for the past three months , ensconced far away from the family only to emerge for food and bathroom privileges oh and of course to show to the  other half my latest creation.
Before I started this new love affair with card making I used to send him cards all the time but since I started I have made them for everyone else except him, I show him of course and he nods his head and says oh that's the best one yet every time, but I havn't actually given him one.

I thought today I would remedy that but before I could finish making it he's upped and gone out ! So who knows maybe I will give it to him next year. !

I used my trusty Silhouette to cut the heart and stamped the image with Stampin Up Baroque Motif stamp and sentiment with black and white ink.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Stash But No Cash !

As I wrote in my previous diary entry I had "  A  Stash " or so I thought but it turns out that I don't really have one at all ! There is always something missing I always seem to be waiting for something else to complete it. My most common used phrase is  " if only I had ........... there is no end to it, and its seems that I can hardly finish a project because I'm missing that vital something that will turn it into a decent card.

I have turned into a shopaholic , a craftoholic .I spend more time searching for new goodies than I actually do making anything ! Of course by the time my new goodies are delivered I have moved on to something else something even more essential , yikes !

My desk is piled high with inks and sprays and mists and brushes you name it , its here staring me in the face begging to be used  daring me to put them to the test, but I cant because I just don't have  that missing ingredient .

Maybe it will be in my next parcel !

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Thank You

Would just like to say a big thank you to all my buddies on the docraft site  (you know who you are)
for all the help and encouragement they have given me during the short time that I have been sharing my addiction with them.

This card is for a particular buddy Sarah Liz ( and her eight kitties) who has recently broken her foot ouch ! get well soon xx

I used Crafty Individuals backing paper and stamp with Ranger distress embossing powder ( as we both like them)

Now I Know Why It's Called " A Stash "

Ok I had fallen in love with the idea of card making but there was one major obstacle to overcome.......I live in Greece, " obstacle " I hear you say what could be wrong with that ? Well nothing if you want sun sea and sand but if you want to obtain  " Your Stash " plenty !. That's another thing, on all of the card making sites I looked at everyone kept mentioning it and people were asking me about mine. Firstly I didn't know what people were talking about and secondly I was too embarrassed to ask as everyone seemed to have one except me.

When I eventually found out what it meant I set about obtaining mine, which wasn't and still isn't easy I can tell you. Everytime I went to my local craft shop and requested the most basic of items I was met with a blank stare , ink pads choice of black or blue, wooden stamps no, embossing powder forget it ! I was in trouble how was I going to get a stash.

My credit card and I have become great friends of late its found it's new place next to my Mac as opposed to my purse, I even know my account number off by heart some achievement for me.

I had to buy everything via The Internet without being able to touch it or sniff it !
My first purchase was The Silhouette die cutting machine I saw a demo on YouTube as you do and fell in love. So here I was with a fancy die cut machine and I hadn't even made a card yet !
 I saw a pattern forming every day I discovered essential crafting items which of course I just had to have . Every few days a parcel would arrive, hubby started raising his eyebrows as another package from England was delivered. Oh the sweet anticipation of it all what would be my next delivery my glue dots  ( can't even get them here ) or my fabulous stamps or ink pads. I was slowly but surely acquiring  " a stash "  I felt guilty and exhilarated at the same I had  " a stash " at long last I had arrived !

Sunday, 6 February 2011

My First Card

In Love Again !

Yes it's finally happened ! After months of soul-searching and moping about the house cupids little arrow has finally found it's mark.

I wasn't sure if I would ever feel this way again but I'm glad to announce that yes! I'm in love and it feels wonderful.

It all started a couple of months ago when I was watching a video on YouTube about card making techniques ( Don't ask me how I got there, one minute was looking at holidays in France and the next thing I know I'm on The Two Peas in a Bucket site watching Jennifer Mcguire) The rest is history as they say.

It started as it always does with me a harmless flirt but before I knew it I was watching everything I could find on YouTube about the subject and there's so much ! Countless sleepless nights later I was hooked I had found my new hobby, I was going to make cards and brilliant ones at that ! I had found my niche at long last hooray !

Let me just explain one thing about me I fall in love quite often. There have been so many romances in the past acting classes, aerobics,aqua aerobics, horse riding, cookery classes, pattern cutting, pottery classes, shoes ,yes shoes  (isn't that a hobby ? ) the list goes on and on. Every time I think this is " The One ", this is the keeper not just a passing fancy but after a few months I start to loose interest. It's not my first thought in the morning or last one at night and it's just a matter of time before I fall out of Love.

Of course I have bought all the equipment, got all the books, paid for all my lessons in advance and just as quickly as it came it's gone !

So here I am three months down the line still in love, still spending my nights and weekends in front of YouTube bleary eyed ink stained fingers not to mention the mess ! Not only my little crafting space but the house.  Will it last ? That has to be seen but it has one main advantage over all my other loves or should I say infatuations......... SHOPPING ! There's so much stuff to buy , its endless, I want eveything and I want it now !.

Got to go my ink pads are calling .

Tomorrow  Now I know why they call it A Stash.