Friday, 18 February 2011

Bloggers Bum !

If any one has read my blog from the begining ( and I very much doubt it ) then  they will have read that I fall in and out of love quite easily, my current crush is of course card making or so I thought. It seems though that I'm actually spending more time blogging (well not actually blogging) but trying to learn how to. If I'm not doing that then I'm looking at other peoples or commenting or having raving tissy fits cos I'm jealous !

The upshot of it is that instead of being inspired by everything I see, you wonderful people out there are depressing me. ! Your all so talented ! Before it was just me and I thought ok I can do this but know I've met you so to speak I realise I'm not as good as I thought I was.

And what is worst of all I've got bloggers bum ! not only is it getting bigger but it also hurts from too much sitting !

Am uploading a few of my previous works just to show you that instead of just moaning I have actually made a few cards in the past .

Goodnight to all

Marie X


  1. LOL, you have given me some great giggles with your words! Your cards are GORGEOUS, Marie!

  2. Hi Marie! I'm here to repeat all my previous comments on your fantastic cards! Also, I wish to say that I feel pretty much the same :) about all those extremely talented people. Well, it might be a good driver as well :) Kepp on going! Your card are great. Hugs, kissinia

  3. These are Great cards and I'm sure we all doubt our own work at times I know I do lol Suffering from blogger bum ............ time to get a cushion rofl and enjoy :)
    Von x

  4. You do yourself a great diservice your work shown here is all beautiful many of us would give quite a lot for your talents.

    Bloggers bum?, could be worse try driving a desk for a living LOL

    Happy creating XOXO Zoe

  5. Blogger bum LOL. Wait til yu get fat knees *wink*