Saturday, 31 March 2012

Artful Times " Tags "

This may be my very last post on blogger enough is enough ! After working hard the last year or so on my blog it seems that Blogger is trying to thwart me at every step. It is refusing to burn my posts and not sending notifications to all of my followers. The traffic to my site has become greatly reduced and even insists I don't have a blog !!!.  I wont bore you with all of the details but I have set up an account with Wordpress and hope to have it running within the next few days. I would like to thank each and every one of you that has supported me over the last year and do hope you will follow me on WordPress otherwise I'm going to be a very lonely blogger . So keep your eyes peeled for an email notification from me.

Artful Times is a new challenge blog which has been set up by three of the former members of JFF, this was one of the first challenges I entered when I started crafting just over a year ago and the talented and very humorous ladies, Von, Neet and Sam have been very supportive ever since. This is their first challenge and they have made it very easy for us " Tags " I made a few quick tags not by best work ladies but my " nerves " and I are at the end of my tether ( it took three attempts to post this ) blogger just deleted my posts on its own and I had to start all over again very frustrating to say the least, lets see what happens with this fourth attempt.

Simple tag don't know who the DP belongs to as the cover has come off the pad , what a surprise !!! I cut an aperture with Spellbinders postage stamp die , the stamp is SU  .

Stamp is Waltzing mouse and cut with the co - ordinating Spellbinders die. Felt for the background and the swirly bits where cut with my Cameo and then embossed with three layers of UTEE.

Ladies I do promise to do better next but I really did want to be part of your first challenge !

Please pop over to Artful Times and support their new venture, the lovely trio have made some fabulous inspirational tags to get our juices flowing !

Right lets see if this my FOURTH attempt at posting this gets through !!



  1. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your blog so good luck with the new one - let me know where to find you please.
    Well done! You are our first ever entrant for our new blog "Artful Times" so congratulations from me. Love your tags, and I love adverts like the one you used. Mother McCarthy's Powders tickled me pink.
    Thanks for joining us, sorry about your problem, keep you chin up and see you around.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Good luck with your wordpress blog. I know blogger are having a bit of an update starting tomorrow which may (or may not) improve things. Blogger tried to tell me I didn't have a blog too! I'm sorry I've not been such a frequent visitor of late but have just returned from a busy and extended visit in the U.S.

    Have a great weekend


  3. Oh no sorry to hear of all your blogger problems, hope you get on better with wordpress.

    Thank you so much for supporting our very first challenge and being our very first person to enter. You've set the ball rolling for us now and for that I thank you.

    Your tags a re fabulous and I love the bright cheery red against the white.

    Hope you soon get sorted with your new blog home.

    Sam xxx

  4. Love the tags. Hope I hope to be in touch on wordpress when ypu change over.


  5. Oh poor Marie, I think you need to take some "Mother McCarthey's Conditioning Powders" to settle your nerves! It is so frustrating when things are outwith your control, I'm dreading changing to the new blogger, there's sure to be problems! Anyway, lovely taggies, enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

  6. I shall be looking out for you Marie on your new blog. These are lovely tags, gorgeous colours and images.
    See you soon and have a fabulous weekend.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  7. Dear Marie! These tags are amazing! I adore the Friends red one :) Sorry to hear about blogger... Sad.

  8. Hi Marie,
    Sorry you've been having blogger problems. It can be such a nuisance at times. I've had problems in the past and know how annoying it is when it messes up. I'm dreading this new upgrade, God knows what might happen.
    Good luck with everything, Marie. One way or another I'll find you.
    Your tags are is everything you create! xxx

  9. Hi Marie. Oh dear, you're having major problems! I hope things are better with Wordpress (and that I can find you!). Gorgeous tags, I love how you incorporate the felt into your creations.

    I just had an email about Aintree - are you going on all 3 days?

    Take care

    Maria x

  10. Lovely tags Marie. I have been having problems galore with Blogger, too; either I can't access my site, or can't leave comments, or, or.....hope the change will be better! Hugs, Valerie

  11. Two gorgeous tags Marie! xox

  12. Why is blogger picking on you Marie !!! when your such a sweetie :( As always your unique style shines through your fab tags :)don't forget to leave a link to your Wordpress on your blog :)
    Von x♥x

  13. Hi Marie, I've just scrolled down and see that I've missed quite a few of your recent posts and it hasn't been deliberate ... I haven't been notified of your new posts which rather confirms what you've been finding. Goodness knows why Blogger is picking on you, however there have been quite a number of issues with Blogger recently for many of us too. Do keep me informed of when your Wordpress blog so I can follow you there. Your tags are great, love the red/black/white colour combo. Enjoyed perusing your previous posts too. Good luck with the new blogsite. Hugs, Elizabeth x

  14. At the moment no probs with blogger, I use Mozilla Firefox. Loving your tags Marie. Stay calm and unruffle your feathers my friend. Annette x

  15. Wonderful tags, I will watch for your Wordpress informatiom. Not looking forward to the update Blogger is to make in April.
    Yvonne x

  16. Πολύ όμορφα tag!!!!
    Φυσικά και θα σε ακολουθήσουμε όπου και αν πας!!!!

  17. Two brilliant tags, Love the colours.
    I have had a couple of issues, not showing 3 of my new followers postings on my dashboard, and they are leaving me comments but takes me ages to find them to return the compliment. Dreading what tomorrow will bring with the changes.
    Kath x

  18. Both of your tags are just fantastic. Love the red.

  19. Eye catching - as usual :-) I´ll follow you on wordpress, too - for sure!

  20. Oh these are just wonderful!

  21. Oh dear, I really do sympathise about your blog troubles Marie - it is SO frustrating when things go wrong. Let me know where to find you when your new blog is up and running - I love visiting you. These tags are gorgeous by anyone's standards! I particularly like the first - I've always wondered what to do with that 'F' image (and me a SU demo!) and now I know! Vicky x

  22. oh wow Hun these are just fantastic,the colours,and the detail is just amazing,just love that red lots of people are having trouble Hun,me included wish they would leave well alone,take care sweetie hugs Cherylxxxx

  23. αχ,τι να πω για τον blogger ,πραγματικα ενοχλητικο!!
    τα tags σου ειναι απλα υπεροχα!!ειδικα το δευτερο με ξετρελανε!!!

  24. αχ,πολυ ενοχλητικο το προβλημα με τον blogger! τα tags σου ειναι τελεια!ειδικα το δευτερο με ξετρελανε!

  25. ...Hi...thankyou so much for your loVely words they are so encouraging...i'm sorry to hear you've had so many problems with blogger but it must be very frustrating...i've looked back at your past work and what I see is just loVely, so many beautiful pieces and those gorgeous nests under the glass closhes wow...i'd like to follow your work...Melx :)
    I do hope you get this...

  26. Wonderful tags!Sorry to hear about your problems with blogger.I never had problems with blogger so far.I am using google chrome.Hope you'll find the best solution!!!

  27. Very beautiful tags! I know the problems with the blogger... Well wait for yours news.

  28. Fabulous tag Marie. Looking forward to seeing you on Wordpress, I couldn't look at your last post, Blogger said your blog didn't exist.
    xxx Hazel.

  29. Πέρασα να ευχηθώ Καλή Ανασταση με υγεία, αγάπη ευτυχία και επαγγελματική ευημερία! Τα φιλιά μου και την αγάπη μου!

  30. IN LOVE with the Tags! Sorry I haven't been around too much - it will be a little while before I'm back on my feet. As usual, your work is 'snatchable'! And of course, RED .... my fave. Be well, hope things in Greece are the best they can be at the moment. take care xoDonna

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